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MKSAP 16 Online is No Longer Available

As of December 12th, 2017, MKSAP 16 Online is no longer available. We encourage our customers to consider upgrading to the current edition of MKSAP to gain access to new questions and new content, all delivered in the richest digital formats ever.

Performance Interpretation Guidelines

This document helps learners compare their results against selected physicians who have completed the self-assessment tests before the program was published. This pre-publication group of test-takers answered the questions without access to the text, answers, or critiques, and included generalists and subspecialists who were excluded from participating in their own areas of subspecialty expertise.

Performance Interpretation Guidelines

Errata and Revisions

View corrections that have been made to MKSAP 16 Online that are not available in the print version of MKSAP 16.

Access Errata and Revisions