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How to Submit for ABIM MOC Points

Part A MOC Availability July 31, 2015 to July 31, 2018

The American Board of Internal Medicine has approved MKSAP 17 for Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment points under Maintenance of Certification (103 points for Part A). If you are a qualified diplomate and enrolled in MOC, you can take the following steps for any MKSAP 17 test:

  1. Go to the Online Answer Sheets.
  2. Complete the test and score at least 50% correct.
  3. Hit the Submit for ABIM MOC points button, enter the required information, and the ABIM will register your points in 1-3 days.

MKSAP 17 Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Points

Submission deadlines for ABIM Self-Evaluation of Medical Knowledge points:

  • Part A Sections: July 31, 2018

PART A Eligible ABIM Medical Knowledge Points
Cardiovascular Medicine 21
Dermatology 12
Gastroenterology & Hepatology 16
Hematology & Oncology 22
Neurology 16
Rheumatology 16
Total 103

  • Part B Sections: December 31, 2018

PART B Eligible ABIM Medical Knowledge Points
Endocrinology and Metabolism 14
General Internal Medicine 26
Infectious Disease 19
Nephrology 19
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine 19
Total 19


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