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MKSAP 17 Digital: Answering Questions

Can I delete just my incorrect answers?

Yes, though you will need to do so for each section, individually. The easiest way is to visit the Questions Dashboard, click on the name of the section, select "incorrect" from the list of filters that appears above the answer sheet, and then click the red "Clear Answers" button.

How do I create a Custom Quiz?

MKSAP 17 offers a range of options for creating custom quizzes. Start by accessing the Testing tab in the navigation menu and select Custom Quizzes.

To create a new quiz, click the "Create a new quiz" button and follow the on-screen instructions to:

  • Choose between Study mode (answers and critiques are displayed as you answer questions) and Exam mode (the quiz is timed and answers are not shown until you complete the quiz). If you choose Exam Mode, you will be asked to set a time limit for your quiz.
  • Choose one or more sections to include in the quiz.
  • Choose whether or not to include previously answered questions or just unanswered questions.
  • Choose whether to limit your selection to Hospitalist-focused questions, High Value Care questions, or Starred questions, or to include all questions.
  • Choose the number of questions to include. A helpful guide shows how many questions to include to most accurately simulate ABIM exams.
  • Once you have confirmed your selections, you will be prompted to enter a name for the quiz. The default name is the date on which the quiz was created.

Note that until January 31, 2016, when all 11 MKSAP 17 sections are published, you cannot completely simulate a Board exam. In the meantime, you can still test using the 6 available sections.

In Exam mode, you’ll see a timer as you work through the questions. You may manually pause the timer.

After you complete your quiz, you can step through all of your answers and critiques or just those for your incorrect answers. You can create as many Custom Quizzes as you like, and those will be displayed in the Archived Quizzes.

How do I see the text that is related to a particular question or questions that are related to specific parts of the text?

From every question page, you can select the "Related Text" button to see a snippet of the related content. Click "View the full text" to link directly to the full section within the text that is most relevant to the question. Likewise, from each section of text, you can click on the "Related Questions" button at the top of the screen to see a list of related questions or, you can see the links to related questions as you read. You can view a related question in a separate window to avoid losing your place as you read the text, or go directly to the questions by clicking on the Jump To This Question link.

How can I find just hospitalist-focused content?

Throughout the text, content that is focused primarily on the hospital setting has been identified with an [H] icon and blue banding.

To find hospitalist-focused questions, you can create a Custom Quiz and select the "Limit to Hospitalist-focused questions" option in step 3.

Can I mark and track questions for later review?

You can mark any question for later review by clicking the Star icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen. You can review all starred questions and even create custom quizzes using only Starred questions.

What does the "Duplicate this Quiz" button mean?

To easily create a custom quiz using the same parameters as a quiz you created previously, click on the name of the quiz (either in Active or Archived Quizzes) and click the "Duplicate this Quiz" button. You will have the opportunity to fine-tune the parameters before creating the quiz.

Can I review past custom quizzes?

To view an Active (in progress) or Archived (completed) Custom Quiz, click on Testing and then select "Archived Quizzes." This will display all Quizzes you have created using the name and specifications you chose during the creation process.

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