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If I leave MKSAP 18 and return, how do I pick up where I left off?

At the top of the Dashboard there are 3 sections for Text, Questions, and Custom Quizzes. These areas will list the last section, question and custom quizzes you visited and have links directly to where you left off in each.

How do I use the flashcards?

You can find the flashcards by clicking the Flashcards link in the left navigation bar. Upon clicking the "Reveal answer" link, the question and answer are shown along with three button options. Choose the most appropriate response for how well you feel you know the answer: Incorrect (I don't know the answer), Unsure (I partially or nearly know the answer), or Correct (I know the answer).

Continue through 15 flashcards until you’ve reached your periodic check-in to evaluate your progress. Behind the scenes, the flashcard algorithm will shuffle and reorganize cards according to your responses. You’ll see cards that need more review more often and those that you’ve marked as known less frequently. Keep going until you feel you have reached a good break point. Return later, and you can track your cumulative progress over time. Your overall progress report will show your most recent self-reported responses and links to related MKSAP content for additional study.

How do I look up Normal Lab Values/Reference Ranges?

From any question page, clicking the 3-dot button in the upper right hand corner will bring up a menu to select "Reference Ranges." Clicking that button will open a lookup tool. Entering any portion of the test name will help you efficiently find the one you want. Selecting the test will display the normal reference range. If you prefer to view, print, or store a PDF version of the Reference Ranges, selecting the "View Reference Ranges PDF" button on the top of the tool will download a 2-page PDF of the entire Reference Ranges document.

How can I open a figure or table in another browser tab so I can look at it separately from the text?

Clicking the table or figure link will open the table/figure right after the paragraph containing the link. A button is provided next to the table or figure name to open in a new window.

How do I view errata and revisions?

A full listing of errata and revisions for MKSAP 18 is available on the MKSAP 18 Errata page of this MKSAP Resource Site.

Errata and revisions will be published periodically. To report an erratum or suggest a revision, please contact

I'm still stuck. Who can I contact for help?

Email: Forward your question through the email form.

Phone: Call toll-free, 800-523-1546, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

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