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MKSAP 18 Digital: Getting Started

How do I log in?

MKSAP 18 shares the same username and password as ACP Online, Annals of Internal Medicine, and most other online products from ACP. If you created a username and password when you purchased MKSAP 18 or if you are an ACP member and already have an ACP Online username and password, your username and password are the credentials you should enter to access MKSAP 18. If you do NOT already have an ACP Online account, create a new ACP account. Then you can return to and log in with your new ACP username and password.

What if I forget my username or password?

Your username and password are the same as you use for most online products and services from ACP (e.g.,, ACP Online, and previous versions of MKSAP). If you forget your username or password or wish to make changes, you can edit your account information on ACP Online.

How do I search for something specific?

Throughout MKSAP 18, the search icon (looks like a magnifying glass) will remain at the top of the navigation menu. Click or tap the Search icon and enter any term or terms in the box. The search engine automatically includes synonyms and offers spell correction options. You can adjust the filter options provided to limit your search accordingly.

After you have performed a search, you can return to the results by clicking on the Search icon again.

How do I see the Table of Contents?

From every Text page, you can select "Chapter TOC" (found in the upper right, under the 3 dot button) to see the Table of Contents for that section.

How do I return to the list of chapters in a subspecialty

Clicking the left arrow besides the page title will take you to the level higher in the Table of Contents in relation to your current page.

What is High Value Care and how do I learn more about it?

High Value Care (HVC) is a philosophy of choosing diagnostic and management strategies for patients in specific clinical situations that balance clinical benefit with cost and harms with the goal of improving patient outcomes. Visit the HVC section to learn more about HVC, as well as specific HVC recommendations.

How do I take notes while reading?

All text and questions pages provide the opportunity to add notes for later review. To add or view your notes, click the Notes icon in the upper right part of your screen (looks like a paper with a plus sign). This will provide an area to add a note and list all notes previously created for that topic. You have the ability to associate the note with a given section on the page using the drop-down that appears in the panel. To hide the notes screen, click on the X.

Once you have created a note, you can remove it by clicking the Delete button associated with that note.

Once you create a note, a yellow circle with a number will appear over the notes button. This alerts you to any notes you have created on a page.

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